When you walk into the dining halls at our Lower and MS/US campuses, you will see some familiar faces, but you will also notice something is a little different. This summer we brought on FLIK, a foodservice provider, to help us provide healthier, fresher, and tastier dining options for our students.

According to FLIK, “our business and responsibility is to provide a top quality, nutritious dining service. Our passion is represented in our menus and food preparation philosophy. We start with fresh, whole ingredients and prepare our menu items from scratch. School menus, which will feature local and sustainable items, are created on your campus, specifically designed for your dining facility and your community’s needs.”

You can see the dining options available to your student every day here:


Fresh vegetables, fruit, soups, and delicious entrees are available for our students. We also have special options every day for those with gluten, peanut, and other food allergies.

We’re working hard to provide our students with the healthiest, freshest, and most delicious lunch in the area. If you have any suggestions and/or comments, feel free to contact our chef at [email protected].

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